Unleash Humanity’s Will in the ultimate battle for survival

Embark on an epic journey through the depths of space, where you forge your own destiny in the face of an unrelenting AI threat. Join forces, battle rivals, and collect rare artefacts in Botwars Ascendance.

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Vessel Crafting

Construct and customise powerful vessels, utilising ancient blueprints salvaged from the remnants of a bygone era. Each vessel boasts unique abilities and functions, empowering you to take on the AI forces that seek to dominate the universe.

Immersive Exploration

Explore a vast and immersive solar system, teeming with untapped resources waiting to be discovered and harnessed. Unearth rare minerals, extract valuable materials, and navigate treacherous cosmic landscapes in your quest for survival and dominance.

Intense Battles

Engage in heart-pounding battles against the relentless AI forces that pose a grave threat to humanity's existence. Strategize, command your fleet, and deploy advanced tactics as you clash with the AI hive mind in a high-stakes conflict for control of the solar system.

Powerful Alliances

Forge alliances with fellow survivors, pooling your strengths and resources to overcome formidable challenges and achieve shared objectives. Collaborate, strategize, and coordinate your efforts to outwit the AI forces and secure a future for humanity among the stars.

Valuable NFTs

Acquire and possess coveted virtual assets, including rare artefacts and relics with their own intrinsic value. These treasures not only enhance your abilities but can also be traded for real-world financial gains, allowing you to prosper in the immersive world of Botwars Ascendance.

Player Owned Economy

Immerse yourself in a dynamic and ever-evolving in-game economy, where every decision counts. Navigate the delicate balance between supply and demand, trade resources, and make strategic investments to thrive in a resource-scarce solar system.

Epic Campaigns

Experience a captivating single-player campaign, brimming with a rich narrative, epic quests, and intense battles. Unveil the mysteries of the AI's origins, uncover ancient secrets, and lead humanity's fight for survival in a gripping story-driven adventure.

Engaging Missions

Embark on engaging quests and missions that unlock valuable rewards, enhancing your abilities and propelling you closer to victory. Conquer challenges, earn prestigious accolades, and unleash your true potential as you strive to overcome the AI threat and reshape the destiny of humanity.

mission reward, chest with resources

Flexible Gameplay

Embrace a flexible gameplay style that caters to both casual and hardcore players. Whether you prefer thrilling battles, engaging quests, or building your interstellar empire, Botwars Ascendance offers a diverse and inclusive gaming experience tailored to your preferences.


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